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제목 [한국문화재재단] Chuseok 2018, Welcome to Korea House!
게시자 2018.09.11 게시일 561
[한국문화재재단] Chuseok 2018, Welcome to Korea House!
Sun, Sep 23. 2018 ~ Tue, Sep 25. 2018
<2018 Chuseok, Welcome to Korea House!> ○ Date: Sep.23-25, 2018 ○ Time: 3:30pm ~ 6:00pm ○ Venue: Joongjeong Garden, Korea House ○ Attendants: Internatinoal visitors, Domestic Visitors accompanied by Foreingers ○ Admission fee: Free 1. NEIGHBOURHOOD: Making Rice Cakes, "SONGPYEON" WHEN? Sun, Sep 23 ~ Mon, Sep 24, 15:30~ 16:15 *only 23rd~24th available, reservation required. WHERE? Korea House Bongnaesil WHAT? Making Songpyeon 2.Traditional Art Performances WHEN? 16:30~18:00 WHERE?Jungjeong Garden(Courtyard) WHAT? Korean Dance and Traditional Music *Make online reservations First-come, First-served basis *Program details are subject to change
Korea House
Korea House Website: Naver Reservation: If you dont have Naver Account, Please send an email to including Followings: -Name: -Contact(Phone, Email): -the Number of Particiapants:
Everyone who is interested in Korea Traditional Culture
Sep. 5, 2018 ~ Sep 25, 2018
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