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Title 2018 Summer Semester Level 6 Graduation Trip
Name 관리자 Date 2018.07.12

Level 6 students from the Korean Language Institute from both the morning and afternoon program had travelled to the East Coast of Gangwon Do and Seorak Mountain. This trip was from Thursday 28 June to Friday 29 June as the trip was scheduled for 1 night 2 days. On the first day students travelled to the house of Korean historical figure Yi Yulgok (Yi I) located at the Ojukheon House located in Gangneung also students had travelled to the Seongyojang House of Gangneung where students had experienced Korean history and the traditional cultures. After the historical experiences students had headed to Gyeongpodae beach where students had spent a joyful time experiencing near the seashore. On the next day students had went to Biseondae Rock as well as Gwongeumsong Fortress where students had the opportunity the escape from the pressure and stress from studying and learning and have the freedom while breathing in the pure air from the two destinations and together creating memories that will be unforgettable. The graduation trip students gave the chance for students to strengthen and create new friendships whilst experiencing Korean traditions, customs and the history.

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