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The Advanced Program is organized for students who have graduated from KLI. The students who attend these classes will study all fields of Korea and the Korean language. The course will be offered when 5 or more students register for the course. A student may take the Advanced Program a maximum of 2 times. This program is held 2 hours a day in the afternoon (from 14:00 to 15:50), 10 hours a week and 100 hours a term (10 weeks).

  • EVALUATION: Final 100%
  • Students are required to attend at least 80 hours of the total 100 class hours. Students who miss more than 20 hours a term will fail regardless of their test scores.
  • All Korean classes in every program are conducted only in Korean.

Person in Charge:





Term Payment Deadline Begins Ends
2018 Spring Feb. 2 Mar. 8 May. 18
Summer May. 4 Jun. 11 Aug. 21
Fall Aug. 3 Sep. 6 Nov. 22
Winter Nov. 2 Dec. 5 Feb. 22, 2019




Program is organized for students who have graduated from KLI. The students who attend this program will study all fields of Koreanology. This program will be organized when there are at least 5 interested students.



  • Tuition for one term during the 2018 academic year : 865,000 Won

If students would like to make a telegraphic transfer, please transfer the tuition fee in Korean currency (Won) to the bank account of Yonsei University (Woori Bank).

  • Bank Name: Woori Bank
  • Account Title: Yonsei University - (학) 연세대학교
  • Account Number: KLI will provide personal banking account number
  • Bank Address: Yonsei Campus Branch, 50 Yonsei-ro , Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, Korea 120-749
  • Swift Code: hvbkkrse (international transfer only)



After the payment of tuition fee, the amount that student paid could be refund the total amount (except the Application Fee) and from the date that the class begins, the refund policy is as follows;

  • Until 1/6 from the class begins: Refund 80% of Tuition Fee
  • Until 2/6 from the class begins: Refund 75% of Tuition Fee
  • Until 3/6 from the class begins: Refund 50% of Tuition Fee
  • Until 4/6 from the class begins: Refund 30% of Tuition Fee
  • Until 5/6 from the class begins: Refund 25% of Tuition Fee
  • Over 5/6 from the class begins: Non-refundable

Period Class Days (50 Days) Refund Amount Refund %
1/6 1~8 692,000 Won 80%
2/6 9~17 648,750 Won 75%
3/6 18~25 432,500 Won 50%
4/6 26~33 259,500 Won 30%
5/6 34~42 216,250 Won 25%
Over 5/6 43~50 Non-refundable

* Please submit a written request to the KLI office if you would like to cancel the program.

Online Application