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The Summer Special Program is designed for students who want to improve their Korean language skills and also experience Korean culture over summer break. This program takes the regular 200 hour program and concentrates it into 100 hours of study, all while being able to participate in additional afternoon cultural activities such as: Korean cooking, Korean Pottery, Taekwondo, and K-pop dance, etc. Through visiting Korean cultural heritage sites, students will also learn more about Korea’s past and present, as well as experience Korean culture firsthand.

  • Number of Weeks : 5 weeks
  • Hours of Instruction : 100 hours (4 hours/day X 5 days/week X 5 weeks)
  • Class days : Monday to Friday
  • Class Hours : 4 hours (9:00 am to 1:00 pm)
  • Afternoon activities: Twice a week (2pm ~ 4pm)
  • All classes will be taught only in KOREAN.



    Program Coordinator:



    Contents Term

    Application Period

    March 4 ~ May 10, 2019

    Payment Deadline

    May 17

    Dormitory check-in

    June 24 

    Placement Test

    June 25, 2pm at KLI building room 121


    June 26

    Classes Begin
    (Classes begin right after orientation)

    June 26 (right after orientation)

     Cultural Trip

    To be announced


    July 30

    Dormitory check-out

    July 31

    * Applicants are accepted on a first-come first-serve basis. Applying before the registration deadline does not guarantee enrollment due to the limited number of students we can accommodate for the dorm and the course.
    * Results of placement test will be posted in the KLI main lobby.


    Requirements & Required documents


    Qualifications for Application

    Applicants must have completed high school (with diploma or equivalent), or be on schedule to graduate by June 2019.

    Required Documents

    1) Copy of the students passport

    2) Copy of the students’ high school diploma (or transcript from university)

        ※ Those who are scheduled to graduate by June 2019: certificate of graduation and high school transcript


    Application Procedure

    1. Sign up on the KLI homepage (On the left side of the screen you will see either “신규 회원 가입” or Register)

      1) After filling out the registration information, click Submit to see the ID/password you will use to log-in on the homepage

      2) Use your new ID/password to log-in on the homepage

      3) At the top of the screen, select the Summer Special Program from the Online Application Menu

      4) Create and online application and click Submit

    2. After registration, please send all required documents by email to

    3. Notice of Admission: The KLI will inform the student of acceptance to the program and provide personal banking account information by e-mail.

    4. Tuition Payment: Upon receipt of the KLI acceptance by e-mail, the student will need to pay the tuition fee for the applicable term. 

    5. Final Confirmation e-mail: KLI will send a confirmation e-mail after registration is completed.


    * Payment should be sent to the virtual account designated to each applicant.

    • 1. Details of Fees (2019)
    •   1) Mandatory Fee : 1,861,000 KRW 
          - Application fee 80,000KRW, Tuition fee 1,331,000KRW, Other costs(Afternoon Cultural Activities, Cultral Trip Fees, etc.) 450,000KRW
    •   2) Optional Fee
         - Dormitory fee : To be announced
    •   3) Total: To be announced
         1) Mandatory Fee only: 1,861,000 KRW
         2) Including the Dormitory Fee: To be announced
      * If you do not pay the dormitory fee before the deadline, your dormitory application will be automatically canceled.
      * Textbooks are not included in the tuition fee.

    • 2. Payment methods (Money Transfer)
         Our account number for T/T is:
      • Bank Name: Woori Bank
      • Account Title: Yonsei University - (학) 연세대학교
      • Account Number: KLI will provide personal banking account number
      • Bank Address: Yonsei Campus Branch, 50 Yonsei-ro , Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, Korea 120-749
      • Swift Code: hvbkkrse (international transfer only)

      • * Such payments must be made in the student's name, not the parent's or others.
      • * Applicants must notify us of the payment and the name of the money sender by email (
      • * Banks often discount the amount of money wired to our office in order to collect banking fees ; hence the amount of money our office receives may be insufficient to cover fees. Unpaid charges are the students’ responsibility. (Credits will be refunded from KLI as well.)

      Within 2 weeks after students register and pay the tuition, KLI will inform you of your acceptance status by e-mail.

    Class Placement


    All Summer Special Program students will be placed into an appropriate level based on their Korean speaking and writing ability as demonstrated on the placement test. Each class will have up to 13 students. Students who place into Level 1 will be divided according to nationality. Starting from Level 2 classes will be integrated. Additionally, in the case that there are fewer than 5 students enrolled for a given level, there will be no class offered.



    Certificate of Completion, Credits

    KLI students must attend at least 80% (80 hours) of the total class hours in order to receive credit. Students whose attendance is less than 80% cannot complete the program. Students who miss more than 21 hours will fail the course.

    Students in the Summer Special Program may receive 3 credits upon successful completion of the program and all requirements. In accordance with school regulations, the transfer and number of credits accepted are to be determined by the student’s home university. Please contact your university in advance for the credits transfer.





    Students from countries that are part of the visa-waiver agreement may attend the Summer Special Program without obtaining a visa. All other students must obtain a C-3(90-day Tourist Visa) before coming to Korea.




    After the payment of tuition fee, the amount that student paid could be refund the total amount (except the Application Fee and Cultural Activities & Cultral Trip Fees & Etc.) and from the date that the class begins, the refund policy is as follows; 

    • Until 1/3 from the class begins: Refund 66.7% of Tuition Fee
    • Until 1/2 from the class begins: Refund 50% of Tuition Fee
    • Over 1/2 from the class begins: Non-refundable

    Period Class Days (25 Days) Refund Amount Refund %
    1/3 1~8 887,800 WON 66.7%
    1/2 9~13 665,500 WON 50%
    Over 1/2 14~25 Non-refundable

    * Please submit a written request to the KLI office if you would like to cancel the program. 


    Field Trip


    The KLI offers students of the Summer Special Program a special cultural trip in order to experience Korean culture and history.

    Schedule for 2019

    To be announced

    Field Trip Location for 2018


    DMZ & War Memorial of Korea


    Dormitory(Muak Dormitory)


    If students prefer dormitory housing, they should check the ‘dormitory option’ on the application form. Rooms are reserved on a first-come first-served basis, in order of receipt of the full application and dormitory fees. Dormitory fees should be paid in full along with other fees by deadline. If you do not pay the dormitory fee before the deadline, your dormitory application will be automatically canceled. If there are no vacancies, dormitory fees will be refunded. Students should familiarize themselves with dormitory regulations through the KLI website or Orientation book.

    • Every room is a double.- The dormitory is located on the University Campus, on the hill by the North Gate. (It takes 15 minutes by walk from the KLI; KLI provides shuttle bus service.)
    • Meals are not included in the dormitory fees. There is a cafeteria in the basement of Dorm #2. (The cafeteria opens on the weekend also except Saterday lunch. Meal price is around 2,500~3,000Won)
    • The dormitory is locked between 12:00 a.m. and 5:30 a.m. Curfew is strictly enforced.
    • Students who do not follow the regulations will be asked to leave the dormitory. Please note if this occurs, dormitory fees will not be refunded.


    The difference between Summer Special Program and 3week Program

    3-Week Program (3rd term) Summer Special Program


    Aug. 1 ~ Aug. 22, 2019

    Jun. 26 ~ Jul. 30, 2019

    Number of Weeks

    3 weeks

    5 weeks

    Hours of Instruction

    60 hours

    100 hours

    Class Days

    Monday to Friday

    Monday to Friday

    Class Hours

    9:00 ~ 13:00

    9:00 ~ 13:00

    Attendance Policy

    At least 48 hours of attendance (80%)

    At least 80 hours of attendance (80%)


    8 levels

    6 levels


    2 credits

    3 credits


    Woo Jung Won Dormitory

    Muak Dormitory

    * 3-week Program :


    Online Application