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Step1 Agreement to Terms and Provisions.

For membership, please read carefully and agree to the Personal Information Collection & Usage Agreement and the Korean Language Institute Terms of Use below.

Korean Language Institute Terms of Use
Chapter 1: General Provisions
Article 1 [Purpose]
The purpose of this document is to set forth the terms and conditions for the usage and membership maintenance of the Yonsei University Korean Language Institute’s (hereinafter referred to as the “KLI”) website, and also to inform members of their rights, obligations, responsibilities, and procedures, regarding the website.
Article 2 [Definition of Terms]
  1. Definitions of terms used in this agreement are as follows:
    • ① Site: the website is the official website of the Korean Language Institute and provides all such online services by use of ID and Password.
    • ② Members: Upon registration, you, as a member, agree to these Terms and Conditions to provide personal information in order to access the site and use the services provided by the Korean Language Institute.
    • ③ Identification number (ID): A selected combination of number and letters approved by the KLI which is used to register your membership in order to use member services.
    • ④ (Password): A selected combination of letters and numbers used to protect members’ website communications.
    • ⑤ Curriculum: The Korean Language Institute’s provision of educational content and training to interested students.
    • ⑥ Tuition: Amount charged for a specific period of time by the fee system established by the KLI in exchange for taking courses.
    • ⑦ Course Approval: After having met the requirements set by the KLI with respect to course enrollment, applicants will be able to utilize the KLI’s educational services.
  2. The definitions of the terms used in this agreement are set forth in clause 1, and should be followed as prescribed in the relevant laws and regulations and service-specific instructions.
Article 3 [Force of Terms]
  1. This agreement will be effective in full force for all members using the site.
  2. The contents of this Agreement, as well as the address, representative's name, business registration number, contact information (phone, fax, e-mail address, etc.) will be visible on the initial service screen of the site so users may see it.

    The Korean Language Institute’s Terms and Conditions Agreement may be changed so long as it does not violate the range of any of the following laws: the Framework Act on Electronic Commerce, Electronic Signature, the Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection Act, the Law on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, the Door-to-Door Sales Act, and the Consumer Protection Act, etc.
  3. If deemed necessary, the Korean Language Institute may change these terms and conditions as needed. If the agreement is changed, the KLI must immediately disclose to all members, in the manner specified in Article 8, the revised terms and the effective date, as well as the reason for the change to the terms and conditions.

    If you were an existing member before a change in conditions, and you had previously agreed to Article 4, you are still subject to changes in terms and conditions.

    If the member does not agree to the changed terms and conditions, they may leave the site and terminate their contract of service. However, in accordance with the provisions in Article 4, any members who expressed no objections and did not terminate their contract within 30 days of the notice of revised terms will be deemed by the KLI to have agreed to said revised terms.
Article 4 [Statement of Other Terms]
  1. Items not expressly stated in this agreement are subject to Fair Trade laws and other relevant regulations.
  2. In relation to the service contract between the company and members, details not specified in this agreement are subject to normal commercial practices.

Chapter 2: Membership Management
Article 5 [Establishment of Website Membership]
  1. Membership for the applicant is established with consent from the KLI.
  2. In accordance with the form prescribed by the KLI, after filling in the membership information, applicants that express consent with this agreement will have their membership established. Please note, all applicants MUST use their real name on the membership application.
  3. Be aware that if any of the following instances should occur, the application will not be accepted:
    • ① If the name listed is not the applicant’s real name
    • ② If the applicant has illegally used another person’s name on their application
    • ③ If the applicant has stated false information on the application form
    • ④ If the application was submitted with intent to disturb the peace and order of society or to offend public morals
    • ⑤ If any other given application requirements are not met
    In accordance with Article 3, the Korean Language Institute must notify the applicant of whether their membership application has been accepted or not. However, an exception of liability will be made if the KLI is unable to contact the applicant.
Article 6 [Duties & Responsibilities of Membership ID (ID Number) & Password Management]
  1. Members are required to strictly maintain and protect their ID and Password.
  2. If a member neglects to maintain and protect their ID and Password, they will be held responsible for any results caused by fraudulent usage of their account.
Article 7 [Change of Member Information]
In the case that a member’s information has changed since the time of original application, all such changes must be recorded on the appropriate forms and according to appropriate procedures as determined by the KLI.
Article 8 [Notifications to Members]
Notification may be sent to members through any form of contact information provided by the member—email, SMS, etc.
Article 9 [Membership Cancellation]
  1. Members may request a membership cancellation at any time, and the KLI will handle the request as soon as possible.
  2. Upon membership cancellation, all information that has been previously provided by the member will be immediately deleted. However, according to the agreement, in the case that there is a demonstrable need to retain some information, we reserve the right to make such an exception.

Chapter 3: Service Provision and Usage
Article 10 [Contents of Service]
  1. Services provided by the KLI are as follows:
    • ① Educational Services
    • ② If necessary, the KLI may add or change the contents of their service information
  2. If necessary, the KLI may add or change the contents of their service information.
Article 11 [Provision of Information]
  1. The KLI may provide its members with various information about its services through the KLI website, email, or SMS etc.
  2. In relation to the service operations of the KLI, advertisements may be placed on the website, in emails, or in SMS messages etc.
Article 12 [Notice of Copyright]
The copyrights for works created by the KLI belong solely to the KLI.

Chapter 4: Legal Relationship of Contracting Parties
Article 13 [Obligations of the Korean Language Institute]
  1. In relation to the provision of services by the KLI, any personal information known about the member will not be shared to any 3rd parties without the member’s consent. However, this is not applicable in the case that legal proceedings should arise.
  2. The KLI discloses and observes a strict privacy policy.
  3. If a KLI service user raises any justifiably objective complaint, the KLI must deal with the situation immediately and through the appropriate procedures. But, if immediate treatment of the issue is not possible at the given time, the KLI must notify the user of the reasons and propose a schedule for dealing with the issue.
Article 14 [Obligations of the Member]
  1. When applying for membership or when changing membership information, your information must be based on your real name and personal details. If you are registering false information, or information that is not your own, you may not claim any rights.
  2. All members must comply with all requirements as specified in this Agreement, as well as other rules established by the KLI, and relevant laws and regulations. You should also not act to damage the reputation or interfere with the work of the Korean Language Institute.
  3. For members using these services, the following actions are NOT permissible:
    • ① Acts of listing false information, or illegally using another member’s stolen ID and Password when making an application or changing personal information.
    • ② Acts using the services of the KLI to reproduce information gained without consent from the KLI, or distribution such information for commercial use.
    • ③ Acts done knowingly to damage someone’s honor or cause someone a disadvantage.
    • ④ Acts of posting links to pornographic or other obscene sites on the KLI website or message boards etc.
    • ⑤ Acts that infringe on the KLI’s copyrights or copyrights listed under Article 3 are forbidden.
    • ⑥ Acts of disseminating harmful information, phrases, terms, recordings etc. to others in order to disrupt the peace or upset public morals.
    • ⑦ Acts of installing or spreading computer viruses/harmful software that destroys or corrupts information or services on the KLI’s computers or other equipment.
    • ⑧ Acts that willfully interfere with the service operations, or that transmit information that could cause unstable operation of the service.
    • ⑨ Acts specifying false interactions or relationships with others.
    • ⑩ Acts of collecting, saving, and publicizing another member’s personal information.
    • ⑪ Acts of distributing false information with the purpose of damaging the property of others, or for self-benefit, or for the benefit of someone else.
    • ⑫ Acts altering any information posted by the service.
    • ⑬ Acts of posting or transferring information that is forbidden by law (including computer programs).
    • ⑭ Acts of impersonating a KLI employee or service operator by stealing their name to make emails, postings, etc.
    • ⑮ Acts of posting data or sending emails containing any computer software/hardware that was designed with the purpose of destroying computer codes, files, or programs etc.
    • ⑯ Any other illegal or improper acts.
Article 15 [Transfer/Premises]
  1. A member’s rights of usage of these services and contractual terms may not be bestowed upon another user or another person. All rights, including copyrights for posts, are the responsibility of the member who posted them. (Options may be reached after discussion with the KLI).
  2. If the KLI merges with a 3rd party, is divided, transfers services to a 3rd party, or otherwise changes its service, members must be notified in advance in accordance with Article 8. Members who oppose any such merger, split, transfer of services, or other changes may cancel their membership and terminate their service agreement.
Article 16 [Commitment of Personal Information]
If necessary, the handling and management of personal information collected by the KLI may be done on an individual basis or may be entrusted in whole or in part to selected companies.
Article 17 [Handling of Consumer Complaints]
  1. If members have complaints or inquiries about the KLI, they may contact the KLI by email or phone to being the process of resolving the issue.
  2. Email address, phone number etc. are listed on the KLI website.

Chapter 5: Personal Information Privacy Policy
Article 18 [Agreement to Collection of Personal Information]
Click either “Agree” or “Cancel” after considering the KLI’s Terms and Conditions Agreement. By clicking “Agree” you agree with respect to the collection of your personal information.
Article 19 [Collected Items of Personal Information]
  1. In order for the KLI to provide educational services, the personal information we collect is: student ID number for identification, password, full name, gender, nationality, birth date, most recent school records (school name, major, and period of attendance), passport number, and email address.
  2. In order to provide you with continuous service, the KLI must hold on to your information for the duration of your use of the services.
  3. Your personal information is collected with the intent to delete it after your purpose at this institution is complete. However, if related laws and regulations require that we continue to store your personal information, it will be maintained for a period of time determined by the rules of the KLI. In this case, the KLI will keep the information for statutory purposes only.
Article 20 [Provision and Sharing of Personal Information]
  1. Personal information you provide to the KLI will be held at the KLI. However, you do agree to share your personal information when registering for membership in the following cases:
    • ① To provide the minimum amount of information required by the KLI in order to use the services (name, address, phone number).
    • ② To help with statistics, academic and/or market research, but only when required and through a procedure protecting anonymity.
Article 21 [Viewing, Editing, and Erasure of Personal Information]
  1. You can view your personal information at any time, and you may also make changes to any of the required and collected data as needed.
  2. Your consent to having your information collected and used for membership purposes can be revoked at any time. After you have followed the procedure to cancel your membership, and you have revoked the right to store and use your personal information, you will no longer be able to utilize the KLI’s services.
Article 22 [Concerning the Usage of Cookies]
In order for the KLI to provide some of its services to you, we must use Cookies. Once you log out the Cookies will no longer store your data and it will be automatically deleted. So, if you are logging in to a public computer or a shared computer to use the KLI’s services, be sure to log out after each use.
Article 23 [Concerning Network Security]
The KLI is equipped with state-of-the-art server and network security systems. The KLI has taken the best path to ensure that your personal information is safe by using its own firewall and intrusion prevention/detection systems. In accordance with the provisions of the KLI, the KLI regularly conducts thorough system checks.
Article 24 [Contact for Inquiries on Protection of Personal Information]
If you have any comments, questions, or complaints about the KLI’s privacy policies, please contact us at: and we will kindly and promptly address the issue.

Chapter 6: Use of Educational Services
Article 25 [Enrollment]
  1. KLI applicants may apply to take classes through the enrollment procedures set by the KLI.
  2. Every applicant must use their real name on their application.
  3. The KLI will review the applications and issue approval/permission to successful applicants.
Article 26 [Enrollment Restrictions]
  1. If students make any of the following offences, they will first be subjected to a hearing and given an official warning, and any following offences will result in being restricted from taking any more classes at the KLI:
    • ① Actions undermining the learning environment
    • ② Assault•threats/intimidation•profanity•other similar actions directed at an instructor.
    • ③ Assault•threats/intimidation•profanity•other similar actions directed at another student.
  2. If a student has experienced any of the troubles outlined above in part 1, they must file a written complaint within 7 days of the incident. If a student does not file within this timeframe, no further objections may be raised.
Article 27 [Enrollment Costs]
  1. Members who wish to use the educational services must pay the fees.
  2. The payment method and payment period for the fees referred to in clause 1 are subject to the following requirements:
    • ① Fees are assessed according to the established fee structure that is published on the KLI website.
    • ② Payment of fees must be sent to the bank and account number specified by the KLI, or must be done by credit card.
    • ③ The end of the payment period is at the end of the enrollment period.
  3. Individuals who belong to a business or organization that will be covering the fees must still enroll under their own real name in order to become a member and be able to use the services. Both the member and their business or organization will be held jointly liable for payments for services. Businesses or organizations that will be covering the student’s payment must submit a copy of business registration to the KLI through fax, email, or in person.
Article 28 [Issuance of Billing Statement]
If you wish to be issued a receipt/billing statement, you must submit a copy of your business registration to the KLI through fax, mail, or in person.
Article 29 [Payment Means & Methods]
Payment of fees may be done through: wire transfer, account transfer, credit card (online payment) or any other method that has received prior approval from the KLI.
Article 30 [Enrollment Approval]
Enrollment will be approved after the tuition fee wire transfer has been confirmed as deposited in the correct bank and account (as designated by the KLI), or after the credit card transaction has been authorized.
Article 31 [Enrollment Cancellation & Application for Refund]
  1. You may apply to cancel your course/refund your tuition during the specified registration period.
  2. After the specified registration period you may no longer ask to cancel a class or receive a refund.
  3. In order to cancel a class or request a refund you must visit the office in person.
  4. In the case that you wish to request a refund of your tuition, you must designate on the refund application form the bank name and account number that will receive the transaction.
Article 32 [Confirmation of Completion]
A student’s completion of the program will be processed in accordance with the established standards and procedures of the KLI.

Chapter 7: Compensation for Damages/Losses, Etc.
Article 33 [Compensation for Damages/Losses]
  1. In the case that damage is caused to the KLI due to a member violating the terms and provisions of this Agreement, the member must fully reimburse all such damages caused to the KLI.
  2. If a member uses the services for illegal activities or activities that violate the terms of the Agreement, or in the case that the KLI receives a complaint/litigation from a third party/company about the member, it is the member’s own responsibility to reimburse any damages to the respective third party/company. If the damages are inflicted on the KLI, the member must reimburse the KLI.
Article 34 [Disclaimers]
  1. The KLI will not be held responsible in the case that a natural disaster or other uncontrollable calamity causes the KLI to no longer be able to offer educational services.
  2. The KLI will not be held responsible for any disadvantages attributably caused by students or members.
  3. The KLI has no obligation to intervene in or compensate for damages caused by conflicts related to educational services, between KLI students/members and third parties.
  4. The KLI will not be held responsible in the case that a natural disaster or other uncontrollable calamity causes the KLI to no longer be able to provide any of its other services.
  5. The KLI will not be held responsible for any service usage dysfunctions that are attributable to members.
  6. The KLI has no obligation to intervene in or compensate for damages caused by conflicts related to any of KLI’s other services, between KLI students/members and third parties.
Article 35 [Court of Jurisdiction]
  1. The KLI will not be held responsible in the case that a natural disaster or other uncontrollable calamity causes the KLI to no longer be able to provide any of its other services.
  2. The KLI will not be held responsible for any service dysfunctions attributably caused by students or members.
  3. The KLI has no obligation to intervene in or compensate for damages caused by conflicts related to any of the KLI’s other services, between KLI members and third parties.
<< Supplementary Provisions >>
  1. Items of personal information collected:
    In accordance with our objectives, items of personal information to be collected are as follows:
    • ① Basic personal information
      • - Full name, gender, birth date, nationality, most recent school records (school name, major, period of attendance), and passport number
      • - Login ID, Password
      • - Yes or No to receiving SMS
      • - Email, Yes or No to receiving email
    • ② Information arising while using this service
      • - Company name, department/position, company phone number
    • ③ Information arising while using this service
      • - Service usage record, access logs, cookies
      • - Whether or not payments have been made (account, credit card), payment records
  2. In principle, your information is collected with the intent to delete it after your purpose at this institution is complete. However, your information may be further retained for the periods specified below for the following reasons. In the case that it is necessary to keep information due to the provisions of the laws, a company retains membership information for a period of time determined by the relevant laws and regulations as follows:
    • ① Notice of retention period and other related rules in accordance with the laws:
      • - Records regarding contracts or cancellations: 5 years (Law on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce)
      • - Records of payments and records relating to supply of goods: 5 years (Law on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce)
      • - Records of consumer complaints and dispute settlements: 3 years (Law on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce
      • - Records of reasons for identification: Communications Promotion and Information Protection Act retention period: 6 months
      • - Records of reasons for visits: Communication Secrets Act retention period: 3 months

Personal Information Collection & Usage Agreement

The Korean Language Institute is seeking your consent, pursuant to the Privacy Act sections 15 and 22, for the collection and use of personal information for the service provider.

Collection of Personal Information
  1. Required: ID, password, name, gender, nationality, date of birth, most recently attended school (school name, major, enrollment period), passport number, and e-mail
  2. Optional: Korean name, occupation, visa type, permanent home address and phone number, address to receive Certificate of Admission, Korean address and phone number, Korean national emergency contact (reference’s name, phone number, and address), history of prior attendance at KLI, Korean language proficiency level, proposed length of study, General Training Visa (D-4) status
Purpose of the Collection and Usage of Personal Information
  1. KLI Website Membership Sign-up & Maintenance:
    The user confirms that in accordance with the service provider the collected information is only to be used for membership creation and management, and services to prevent the unauthorized use, various notifications, and handling of personal information.
  2. Civil Petitions Process
    Personal information may be processed to: check the identity of the appealing party, to check on details of civil matters, to contact or provide notifications regarding investigative research, and to provide notification of processing results.
  3. Yonsei University Korean Language Institute’s Privacy Policy
    Personal information may be processed to: manage enrollment and tuition deposits, to manage school records, to issue various certifications (certificate of attendance, certificate of participation, certificate of completion, diploma, usage of bulletin boards, etc.), and to process any refunds.
Period of Possession & Usage of Personal Information
  1. Information entered under a registered Korean Language Institute website membership ID: stored until termination of membership
  2. Personal information regarding university affairs: semi-permanent storage
Right to Refuse to Accept Terms & According Restrictions
With respect to each of the above listed items, the user can refuse to provide personal information, however, refusal will result in restriction from using the KLI website’s membership services.

Agree Cancel