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The 3-Week Program is perfect for those seeking a short-term intensive Korean experience. This program is offered spring, summer and winter. In the afternoon, students can experience Korean culture through one of the many special activities. Many students choose to begin their studies at the KLI with this program before moving into the Regular Program.

Students can experience various special activities such as Korean Cooking, Samulnori, Korean Traditional Performance in the afternoon(1 day a week, 2 hours a day).

Korean Classes are held 5 days a week (from 9:00 to 13:00) for 3 weeks (total 60 class hours). During the term, all students are required to attend at least 48 hours (of 60 hours). If a student fails to meet the attendance requirement, he/she will not be able to pass the course. Do not be late to class either. Three late arrivals for class count as one absence.

All Korean classes in every program are conducted only in Korean.
  • EVALUATION : Final 100%

Program Coordinator







Spring(1)Nov. 19 ~ Jan. 18Feb. 1Mar. 5, 9:30 amMar. 6Mar. 26
Spring(2)Feb. 11 ~ Apr. 12Apr. 26May. 30, 9:30 amMay. 31Jun. 21
Summer (1)Apr. 22 ~ Jun. 21Jul. 5Jul. 31, 2:00 pmAug. 1Aug. 22
Summer (2)May.13 ~ Jul. 12Jul. 26Aug. 23, 9:30 amAug. 26Sep. 17
WinterOct. 14 ~ Dec. 13Dec. 27

Jan. 29 (2020),

2:00 pm

Jan. 30 (2020)Feb. 19 (2020)



Requirements & Required documents

Entrance Requirements

A high school diploma or the equivalent is the minimum requirement for admission to all KLI Korean language programs.

Required Documents

1) A completed online application form (with photo)

2) A photocopy of the student's passport

3) A copy of your school transcript from the last school attended (only in English)

    But if you are university student, you can submit a copy of proof of enrollement.

Admission Procedure

    1. Sign up on the KLI homepage (On the left side of the screen you will see either “신규 회원 가입” or Register)

      1) After filling out the registration information,

         click Submit to see the ID/password you will use to log-in on the homepage

      2) Use your new ID/password to log-in on the homepage

      3) At the top of the screen, select the 3week Program from the Online Application Menu

      4) Create and online application and click Submit"

      5) Application fee payment (non-refundable)

    2. After registration, please send all required documents by email to yskliko@yonsei.ac.kr


    3. Notice of Admission: The KLI will inform the student of acceptance to the program and provide personal banking account information by e-mail.

    4. Tuition Payment

    5. Final Confirmation e-mail: KLI will send a confirmation e-mail after registration is completed.

    * Payment should be sent to the virtual account designated to each applicant.

    * As space is limited, please apply as soon as possible. Our program and accomdation is first-come, first-served basis. We can guarantee a spot after finish admission procedure. 


    Application Fee (non-refundable)80,000 Won

    965,000 Won(Cultural Activity fees are included)

    Total1,045,000 Won

    Payment Method

    If students would like to pay by a telegraphic transfer, please transfer the tuition fee in Korean currency (Won) to the bank account of Yonsei University (Woori Bank).

    • Bank Name: Woori Bank
    • Account Title: Yonsei University - (학) 연세대학교
    • Account Number: KLI will provide personal banking account number
    • Bank Address: Yonsei Campus Branch, 50 Yonsei-ro , Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, Korea 03722
    • Swift Code: hvbkkrse (international transfer only)

    • * If you cannot transfer in Korean Won and would like to transfer tuition in Yen or US dollars, please transfer an amount a little more than the fee to account for the exchange rate fluctuations. The excess amount will be refunded to students.
    • * There may be a balance or a credit on your account with respect to your tuition payment. This is due to handling charges associated with international money transfer. It is the student’s responsibility to settle the account balance immediately upon arrival. Credits will be refunded from KLI as well.
    • * Textbooks are not included in the fees above.

    Within 2 weeks after students register and pay the tuition, KLI will inform you of your acceptance status by e-mail.


     -Students can not switch the program to another program after program starts. 

     -Application fee & Cultural Activity fees are non-refunable.

     -Banks often discount the amount of money wired to our office in order to collect banking fees; hence the amount of money our office receives may be insufficient to cover fees. Any pertaining unpaid charges are the student’s responsibility.


    Class Placement


    KLI will place you into the most suitable class based on your past Korean studies through our placement test. We offer a placement test for all new students for all of our programs. All KLI students will be placed into students appropriate class in accordance with his/her Korean ability.

    They are tested in different areas (listening, speaking, reading, writing, and grammar) and placed according to their needs and abilities. If you feel that you are a beginner and that you belong in Level 1, then you do not have to take the placement test.

    Each class has more or less than 13 students.

    Please be aware of that class cannot be opened if class size is less than 5 students.


    Certificate of Completion, Credits


    Class attendance is mandatory and critical in language programs. Students are required to attend at least 48 hours of the total 60 class hours in order to receive credit from the program. Students who miss more than 12 hours will fail the program and therefore not receive a grade.
    Students in the program may receive university-level academic credits for successful completion of all work and requirements. Upon request, KLI will send an official transcript or certificate to the registrar’s office of the school designated by the student. The transfer of credits and the number of credits accepted are to be determined by the student’s university.


    Korean Culture Experience


    Students of the 3-Week Program will make the most of their time in the afternoons as they learn about Korean culture through such activities as Korean cooking practice, samulnori, and watching Korean performances.

    Korean cultural activities are part of class, so participation is expected.

    1. Samulnori : Using traditional Korean instruments, students can have a cultural experience performing traditional Korean music.
    2. Korean Cooking Practice : Students not only practice making Korean food but also try out the final results.
    3. Korean Performances : Students will watch modern fusion performances particular only to Korea.

    * Please be advised that the contents of the Korean cultural activities may change depending on the circumstances.




     If students prefer dormitory housing, they should check the ‘dormitory option’ on the application form.


      Rooms are reserved on a first-come first-served basis, in order of receipt of the full application and dormitory fees.

      Dormitory fees should be paid in full along with other fees.

      If there are no vacancies, dormitory fees will be refunded.

      Domitory fee is subject to change without a prior notice.

      Students should familiarize themselves with dormitory regulations through the KLI website or Orientation book.

    Accomodation : https://www.yskli.com/_en/lodge/l3.asp



    Fee Check-in Check-out Website

    DMC Ville


    Mar 3 2019

    Mar 27, 2019


    Spring (2)

    DMC Ville


    May 29, 2019

    Jun 22, 2019


    Summer (1) Woojungwon 690,000

    Jul 30, 2019

    Aug 23, 2019

    Summer (2)

    DMC Ville


    Aug 22, 2019

    Sep 18, 2019



    DMC Ville


    Jan 28, 2020

    Feb 20, 2020







    Students who come from agreed upon nations can register without a visa.

    (This program is non-extended visa program)




    After the payment of tuition fee, the amount that student paid could be refund the total amount (except the Application Fee) and from the date that the class begins, the refund policy is as follows; 

    • Until 1/3 from the class begins: Refund 66.7% of Tuition Fee
    • Until 2/3 from the class begins: Refund 50% of Tuition Fee
    • Over 2/3 from the class begins: Non-refundable

    Period Class Days (15 Days) Refund Amount Refund %
    1/3 1~5 577,000 WON 66.7%
    2/3 6~10 432,500 WON 50%
    over 2/3 11~15 Non-refundable

    * Please submit a written request to the KLI office if you would like to cancel the program.


    The difference between Summer Special Program and 3week Program

    3-Week Program (Summer 1) Summer Special Program


    Aug. 1 ~ Aug. 22, 2019

    Jun. 26 ~ Jul. 30, 2019 

    Number of Weeks

    3 weeks

    5 weeks

    Hours of Instruction

    60 hours

    100 hours

    Class Days

    Monday to Friday

    Monday to Friday

    Class Hours

    9:00 ~ 13:00

    9:00 ~ 13:00

    Attendance Policy

    At least 48 hours of attendance (80%)

    At least 85 hours of attendance (85%)


    8 levels

    6 levels


    2 credits

    3 credits


    Woo Jung Won Dormitory

    Muak Dormitory

    * Summer Special Program : http://www.yskli.com/_en/proc/p4.asp


    Online Application